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Tenants In Common

ADF Capital offers the tenants-in-common ownership structure, designed to accommodate investors completing 1031 Tax Free Exchanges as well as individual non-1031 investors. Each investor participates as a tenant-in-common, directly owning his or her interest in the real estate and participating equally in all income/expense, appreciation, sale profits, and tax shelter/depreciation benefits.Tenants-in-common receive all of the benefits of real estate ownership, equal to the percentage of their equity investment.

Benefits to investing in a tenancy-in-common property include the speed of the acquisition, stable cash-on-cash returns, ease and simplicity of ownership, and diversification and reliability. ADF Capital acts as an asset manager for the property, assuring that all maintenance, income/expense, mortgages and tax payments are properly attended. TIC investors then receive their quarterly distribution under normal circumstances.


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